Our Context Awareness Platform was designed for unique mobile applications—and the developers that build them.

Integrating our SDK is an innovative way for developers to take development of mobile apps to the next level. Using the Alohar platform will enable valuable features, differentiate your product from the competition, benefit your user base and we provide you top-tier support.

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Our Platform Advantages

With our platform comes distinct value, which will benefit your end-users and enable product features that are both smart and efficient. These advantages can be game-changing and include the following:

  • Automatic detection of UserStay events (arrivals/departures)
  • Automatic matching of points of interest (POI) of lat/lng coordinates into real-world places
  • Power efficient SDK for iOS and Android
  • Support and partnership opportunities


Experience Our Platform In Action: PlaceUs

Better Than Geofences

One major benefit our platform offers over competitors is that our technology is proven to be better than geofences.  Geofences,

  • require that you know the places your user visits before they arrive
  • introduce significant power drain, especially on mid- and low-end Android devices
  • trigger false positives whenever a user crosses the perimeter when passing through a fence on the way to another destination.


However, Alohar’s Context Awareness Platform outperforms geofences and gives developers all the advantages of Automatic Place Detection and POI Matching. With this automation, intelligent sensing and improved accuracy provide a better user experience.

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We Make Implementation Easy

This is a platform made by developers for developers. Alohar understands how to support developers in every phase of development. Specifically, in the near future developers will have access to our Alohar Developer Portal, where one can get our SDKs, view technical resources, get support, and manage their apps. We believe in close partnership and concierge level of assistance to help you with design, development and support issues.


Pricing and Fees

Our current Context Awareness Platform is now ready for implementation in products as a public beta. There are different levels of partnership a developer can enter into based on number of users your app has. We have two tiers of product pricing, which can be specifically defined as a partnership contract is defined.  We offer a free Getting Started tier and a paid Growth tier for developers.

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