Our platform was made for developers, like you. It enables you to build innovative mobile applications, drive powerful business results and delight your user base.

Useful Developer Portal

After registering with Alohar, you can download our SDK, access the community of developers through our forum, and use the dashboard for debugging and troubleshooting your end-user support issues.

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We’ve Got Your Back

Our platform is made by developers for developers. Our dashboard provides tools to debug your build during development and troubleshoot customer issues.  You can always open a ticket, participate in our forums or contact our support team.



Pricing and Fees

Our current platform is now ready for implementation in your apps.  There are different levels of partnership you can enter into based on number of users your app has. Up to 100,000 monthly active users is provided for free. Contact us to learn about fees for larger user bases. Contact Us To Learn More